Health & Safety, to help the Environment, we are members of the Dulux Decorator Centre recycling scheme. Best UK online casinos

It is the policy of New Dec Ltd, approved by its Board of Directors that operations carried out by the company are in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, both in the spirit of the act and its legal obligations. The Company accepts its responsibilities towards its employees and any other person who may be affected by the work undertaken by the Company. 

The Company will ensure the work under its control is carried out in such a way as to minimise the risk to the Health & Safety of its employees and any other person who could be affected.

Brian Weaver of BRYN SHE Management Services has been nominated responsible for implementing this Policy and the duties, and that of other Directors, senior managers and all employees are detailed in the Company’s Safety manual. All managers shall familiarise themselves with their duties as detailed in the Health & Safety Manual, and all employees have a part to play if high standards are to be achieved and maintained.

New Dec Ltd requests that all employees take a pro-active role in improving Health & Safety performance and encourages suggestions on how methods of work can be improved. The duty of employees is explained in the Company’s Safety manual and at the Health & Safety induction talk on first joining the Company. This will be reinforced through general Health & Safety awareness training courses when the Company’s working procedures and the contents of the Company’s Health & Safety manual will be brought to the attention of the employee. The Company will provide safe plant, equipment and tools that conform to EC, BS and other relevant standards and that safe systems of work are in place and followed. With regard to the safe handling of substances the Company has COSHH procedures and a COSHH Manual in place to ensure safe practices when handling hazardous substances. In this way the Company will ensure that they will provide a safe place of work and a safe working environment for its employees and ensure that other persons are not adversely affected by the Company’s work.

These safe systems of work are underpinned by a strong commitment to training and the Company will review staff training needs on an annual basis. Brian Weaver of BRYN SHE Management Services will ensure a suitable budget is allowed for employee training and retraining.

This statement will be displayed in a prominent position at all work locations and sites. A copy of the Company’s Health & Safety Manual with full details of the organisation and arrangements for implementing the Policy will also be available at each work location and site, for reference by any employee.

This Policy Statement and the Health & Safety Manual will be reviewed by Brian Weaver on an annual basis and updated as either legislation changes or working practices change.

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